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Random Street is proud to showcase Swiss artist, Secteur 19, for a one time, unique street art performance in downtown Vancouver. A performance called "Random Street."



Having just arrived in Vancouver and only in town a few days, the artist behind Secteur 19 is offering an original and exclusive artistic performance. By interacting with random passerby’s at Granville Street close to Robson street in downtown Vancouver. The concept is to transcribe the Street's DNA and its atmosphere in an unexpected way by collecting and drawing the thoughts of the people passing by.  A masterpiece reflecting the spontaneity and the diversity of the people walking in this street will be drawn during the afternoon.


Combining the vision, style and the technique of the artist offering his personal and neutral vision and creative perspective of what he's experiencing.


Each passer-by will have the opportunity to suggest a thought, an idea, or just a word popping in his/her mind at any moment and the artist will transcribe it. Incorporating it into his drawing right in front of their eyes, displaying his instant creative process, imagination and skill for elaboration. By the end of the day an art piece - absolutely unique and original - based on the random connection between the artist and the street will be put to auction online after the exhibition.


For this special occasion Secteur 19 will showcase a limited edition bundle including a Secteur 19 T-Shirt and a Visual print especially created for this event.


About the artist:


Secteur 19 is an illustration and graphics design studio established in Vevey Switzerland. After spending the in-between years of 2006 and 2014 in the figurative painting world and after a collection of exhibitions in Switzerland, Secteur 19 made a crucial shift. Ultimately striving to fulfil the aspiration to become artistically free and soon after became its own independent clothing brand in 2015.


About the exhibition space:  is a site for creative propositions about public space and social exchange. As an arts vending and exhibition site in downtown Vancouver, we trade in ideas and objects that tackle the urban context.


Co-producer for “Random Street” and director of :  Sky, multidisciplinary artist;

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